Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sturgeon pates from The Fish Society

In Russian folk tales a sturgeon has always been a member of Royalty among the fish world creatures. This famous fish gives the much praised caviar. It also appears on the tables in a splendid variety of dishes
Mention sturgeon, and one thinks of the Russian tsar's or boyars' tables, groaning under the weight of foods and drinks.
Russians love their food, well, and drink too, of course. If there is a celebration or a special occasion, the meals often start with zakuski. They are basically appetizers of all kinds - they can be very simple as well as very elaborate.
Different fish pates on bread or blini often feature as part of the zakuski. And now you can find a luxurious sturgeon pate online, as sold by The Fish Society.
The Fish Society, the leading specialist online fishmonger, offers a great selection of finest cuts and presentations from over 100 species. It is run by a team of dedicated fish experts and former chefs.
For many fish lovers and discerning cooks in the UK it is the ultimate online destination indeed.

The sturgeon pates have been added to the impressive fish range this autumn. They come in stylish tins and have a long shelf life. There are several flavours available.

Classic Sturgeon pate is made with Siberian sturgeon (aquaculture, Acipenser baeril), rapeseed oil, skim milk curd, horseradish, cream, tomato paste, herb and spice extracts etc.
Nutrition values are at 229kcl per 100g. Produced in Latvia for The Fish Society.

It is a delicious flavourful pate, which spreads easily on bread. It doesn't need much of an adornment, perhaps just a little slice of fresh cucumber or a tiny gherkin.

The other variety we tried was Smoked Sturgeon Pate.
Its ingredients include Siberian sturgeon (30%), smoked sturgeon (5%), rapeseed oil, horseradish, cream, tomato paste etc.
Nutrition values are 236kcal per 100g.
I served it on slightly toasted sourdough bread with jalapenos. The addition of smoked surgeon changes the flavour, adding smokiness.

You can also find the sturgeon pate in the other flavours - wasabi, green pepper and chipotle (I haven't tried these varieties, but guess they have more heat).

The Fish Society can be followed on social media via Twitter @TheFishSociety and on Facebook at TheFishSociety.

Disclosure: I received a couple of tins of pate for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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